6-Week Postpartum Series

Congratulations on your new baby!

Whether you had your bundle of joy 3 weeks ago or 3 years ago, you are postpartum.

From time of conception to the birth of a child, the body goes through so many amazing changes. After birth, the body starts to go through a reset to go back to “normal”, whatever that may be for you.

A lot of new moms think they’ll be back to normal by their 6 week checkup, or that they’ll bounce back to their pre-pregnancy weight ASAP. Or that prolapse, leakage, painful sex, and other pelvic floor issues are “normal” but they’re not normal. The body takes time to recover. You spent 9 months growing a baby, there was a lot that was stretched, pinched, weakened, and more during pregnancy and through labor and birth. So, it’s going to take a bit more than 6 weeks to “bounce back”. 

Being postpartum is forever. Which means taking action to rebuild will allow you to feel your best as you care for yourself, your family and get back into your favorite activities.

Weekly sessions that are focused on the basics of breath, stability, and movement during the 4th trimester. This mini-series is a great opportunity for new moms that are newly postpartum (6 weeks to a year) that are looking to 

Goals For Our Sessions:
  • Focus on breath and core engagement –
    • Understand the diaphragm and it’s function
    • Incorporating different breathing and core engagement exercises
    • Understanding of pelvic floor issues such as leakage, prolapse, pain, and more
  • Improve posture
    • Understand what pelvic neutral is and prevent pelvic tilt
    • Testing for Diastasis Recti and understand ways to rebuild and prevent it from getting worse
  • Incorporate movement that mimics daily activities and caring for your self and baby
  • Put all that you’ve learned into practice
  • Feel confident and empowered in yourself – body and mind, to care for yourself and baby.
Session Details:
  • 1 session per week, 6 sessions in total
  • Wednesday afternoon and evening options
  • Sessions are 60 minutes
  • Up to 4 people per group
  • Weekly emails & handouts with a recap of that week’s session
  • Some classes will incorporate your babies!

Fall Session

Starting back up in October 2024

*Payment Options: Paid In Full ($240), 2 Payments of $120, or Weekly Payments of $40*

When you register, you will also receive a 10% discount to ANY personal training, programming, or group class contract following the 6-week program!

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