What We Offer

At Women In Strength, we aim to provide our members with options that best suite their needs. Each member is their own individual, which means they should receive a workout that is customized to them, their abilities, and their goals.

1:1 Personal Training

One-on-One Coaching has a lot to offer someone on their health and fitness journey. 

Working with a coach can bring many benefits, whether you’re just starting out or have been in and around the gym for awhile.

  • Fitness Plan based on your Goals + Abilities
  • Nutrition Guidance
  • Accountability
  • Motivation
  • Community

When designing your fitness plan, we listen to where you’re at currently with fitness and what your goals are, and create a routine that best fits you.

Never worked out before? Don’t worry, we aren’t going to throw you into 100 burpees for time.

Instead, we’ll assess, plan, and progressively build up the intensity of your workouts at the pace that we know you’re capable of.

Small Group Training

Fitness is Better When You’re With Others!

Group classes can be intimidating, especially when they’re a large group and everyone already seems to know what’s going on.

Here at Women In Strength, our classes are a max of 5 people. Why? Because we want you to get the most out of your group class experience as possible.

Whether you’re a regular to fitness classes or this is your first time, our top goals are to:

  • Connect with you and understand what you hope to gain from the fitness class.
  • Assist you with the movements and educate you on proper form.
  • Welcome you into our community of Strong Women.

Our Current Class Times:

  • Monday/Wednesday/Friday @ 1 – 1:45pm
  • Monday – Thursday @ 5:30 – 6:15pm
  • Friday @  1 – 1:45pm + 1:45-2pm

Interested in Group Training? Contact us today and ask for Morgann!

Prenatal + Postpartum Fitness

Stay Fit & Strong for Yourself and Your Baby!

In the past, women were discouraged from working out while pregnant, but that’s not the case anymore. Women are HIGHLY recommended to have a consistent fitness routine while pregnant and postpartum.

Why? Because 9 months of pregnancy, plus labor and birth are all a workout in their own way. During the 9 months of growing a baby, the body goes through so many changes, like change in center of gravity, growing belly, tight muscles and more. Which makes it even more important to add some strength training and cardio to help prepare the body for labor and birth. 

Most women’s goals after having their baby is to lose the baby weight gained during pregnancy. Well, developing a fitness routine while pregnant, helps with the postpartum recovery AND weight loss post-birth.

Interested in pre/postnatal training? Contact us today and ask for Mariah!


Open Gym

Virtual Training + Programming

We’re so excited to be offering Phase 1 of our Open Gym option at Women In Strength! 

What is Phase 1?

We’ll be opening up time slots throughout the day for members (current and new) to sign up to come in and complete a workout.

  • Spots will be limited based on the number of personal training sessions that will be running during that time frame.
  • Hours will be Monday through Friday, anywhere from 5am to 12pm, and 3pm to 5:30pm
  • This is a great option to add onto personal training sessions OR to do 100% as open gym
  • The open gym membership will include programming (through Everfit) by one of the coaches and is required to use the facility.
  • A trainer will be at the facility during the open gym times, but they may be working with a client 1:1 – if you have questions, you have access to the trainer, but their priority is their 1:1 client during that time.
    • Don’t be afraid to ask about form or ask for a spot though!

We Plan, You Perform.

Sometimes schedules or location don’t work out. The beauty of remote training is that it can be done anywhere, and usually on your own time.

Women In Strength offers 2 options for remote training:

1. Online Programming (Everfit)

  • You’ll receive workouts based on the equipment that you have available in the space you’ll be completing your workouts (home, gym, hotel, etc.)
  • Each exercise will have a video demonstration
  • We’ll write the workout and set all the sets and reps. All you have to do is track the weight used!
  • Also track activities like walking, biking, etc. and connect MyFitnessPal to keep nutrition on track too!


2. Virtual Training (Zoom)

  • We’ll meet for 30 or 45-minute sessions.
  • Train in your own home or at your gym of choice.
  • We’ll lead you through a workout based on your goals and what equipment you have available.

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Spring Nutrition Coaching

Six week program focused on the ins and outs of nutrition. Led by a nutritionist and focused on individual and group goals!

Starting March 11th at Women In Strength
Mondays at 6pm
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