Starting a fitness routine can be a daunting task. There's a lot of information out there and it's hard to determine what is right or wrong...or what's best for you.

As personal trainers and nutrition coaches, it’s our job to help guide you on your fitness journey. So we’ve listed out a few frequently asked questions to help get you started! 

If you have more questions or are ready to get started with your fitness and health journey, contact us today! 

What services are offered?

  • We offer 1:1 personal training, small group classes, pre/postnatal training, nutrition, and online coaching. You can learn more about our services here.


Will I have the same coach each session?

  • Yes! You will work with the same coach for each session. We believe that to be successful in your health and fitness journey, consistency is key. Working with the same coach each session not only builds consistency, but also commitment and accountability to your goals..


What are the benefits of personal training?

  • There are many benefits to working with a personal trainer, a few are – 
    • Accountability
    • Exercise guidance
    • Injury prevention
    • Support with your goals
    • Motivation
    • Individual attention 
    • Reach goals faster
    • Nutrition guidance
    • Push you past your comfort zone


What are the benefits of pre/postnatal fitness?

  • Daily movement is important for everyone, and even more so while pregnant. In the past, expecting moms were encouraged to lay low on exercise activities until after the baby was born. Today, exercise is encouraged to help strengthen and prepare the body for labor and birth as well as caring for your baby. 
  • Whether you’re planning for a child, currently pregnant, or postpartum (recent or not), you can definitely benefit from pre/postnatal training because:
    • Increase strength – there are a lot of body changes throughout pregnancy, building strength will help with the aches and pains as well as prep you for labor/birth and help you post-birth when carrying/lifting/twisting to take care of your newborn
    • Increase cardio + endurance – great during labor/birth, and when you’re running around chasing your little one!
    • Build a strong pelvic floor – important on so many levels! Especially for birth and always for normal activities of daily living. Having a strong, functional pelvic floor will help prevent leakage when sneezing/coughing, lower back pain, etc. 
    • Increases energy levels, aids in recovery and weight loss postpartum
    • Lowers the risk of high blood pressure during pregnancy, as well as decreases risk of gestational diabetes.
    • Improves balance. Conditions the core muscles that will be supporting the growing belly, aid in birthing process, and postpartum.


What are the benefits of group classes?

  • Group classes are great! They create an environment of support, motivation, community, and accountability all while getting the benefits of a workout!


What are the benefits of nutrition coaching?

  • Education on nutrition
  • Individualized plan to find what works best for you, your lifestyle, and your goals
  • Accountability
  • Take out the guesswork – we’ll write a plan for you to start with and modify as we go


What does a typical session look like?

  • Sessions are either 30 or 60-minutes long. 
  • We focus primarily on strength and mobility movements to help you feel your best and strongest! We’ll use a blend of body weight, dumbbells/kettlebells, cables/bands, and barbells.
  • We avoid sticking you on cardio equipment during your session because that’s not why you’re with us. You’re coming to us to learn physical movement and change your body composition…walking on a treadmill for 30-minutes won’t exactly get you there. 


How long until results are noticed?

  • If you’re 100% committed to making a change, you’ll start noticing changes in your body (and your mindset) in about 6-8 weeks!


Can I workout with a trainer and on my own?

  • Yes! We encourage you to workout with us as well as do a workout or 2 on your own!
  • We can provide you with an extra workout to do on the days that you don’t see us, or create a goal for you to do activities like walking or biking on your off days.


I’ve never exercised before, where do I start?

  • Let’s start with a conversation. The best way to start is to sign up for a consultation that is free. In your consultation we’ll go over what your goals are, your activities (current and past), where you’re at right now and where you’d like to be. And through that conversation we’ll determine the best course of action for you, such as starting with 1 session per week for 30-minutes, etc. 
  • Ready to set up at consultation? Contact us here!

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