Is nutrition confusing and frustrating to you?
Have you tried all the popular diets out there and still feel discouraged?
Do you feel lost when planning meals for the week?
Do you label foods “good” or “bad”? And restrict yourself from the “bad” ones?

If you answered YES to any of the above,

Join Women In Strength for the 6-week nutrition education group!

Next Group Starts - March 13th

This group is designed with the participant in mind. We understand that nutrition can be confusing and frustrating, especially with all of the information on the internet today.

Coach Monica, who is a certified personal trainer and has her Masters in Nutrition will be leading the 6 week group. She will be covering the following topics:

  • Goal setting — for the group and individually
  • How to measure progress
  • Mindset work to stay on track & maintaining momentum past the 6 weeks
  • Meal planning & prepping
  • Recipes
  • Addressing any challenges that may occur along the way & strategies to overcome the challenges


As a group, 1-2 goals will be determined which will be the main focal point over the 6 weeks. You as an individual will also be able to pick 1 or 2 goals that you want to focus on outside of the core goal. 

What to Expect:
  • Meetings will be weekly on Wednesdays 5-6pm at the Women In Strength studio (new location)
  • If you are unable to attend the in person sessions, we are also offering a virtual option!
    • Sessions will be held over Zoom or Google Meet — each session will be recorded so you can go back and listen to the information, take notes, and come up with any questions to discuss the following week
  • Monica will present a topic for that week, provide a lesson and leave time to answer questions
  • Each week, you will be receiving hard copies of the information that you’re learning in class, as well as a follow up email with the information and any other topics that were discussed in class
  • Accountability & community with Trainerize — post and share questions, recipes, your wins and struggles.
  • We encourage that you email us or post in the Trainerize group any questions between each class so we can address them as we work through the 6 weeks

Our goal is for you to gain as much valuable information as possible in the 6 weeks. And this is a great opportunity to drop past habits and mindsets when it comes to nutrition and food as we start the new year off. We want this to be an encouraging environment where you can learn, feel confident with nutrition, and make conscious food choices. 

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Spring Nutrition Coaching

Six week program focused on the ins and outs of nutrition. Led by a nutritionist and focused on individual and group goals!

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